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About Landford Trees

LANDFORD TREES is based near Salisbury, Wilts and grows high quality ornamental and forestry trees.

The nursery is now growing over 30 acres of field grown trees with over 950 different varieties of tree, 80% of which are produced by ourselves from seed, budding and grafting.We also have over 700 containerised trees and shrubs. We have continued to update the A-Z display of trees with now more than 110 varieties of Malus and over 90 varieties of Prunus.


Visitors to the nursery are extremely welcome (see opening hours below), although tours are not usually guided unless we are warned in advance.


We are quite happy to give planting advice and to arrange visits to view planting sites


The average size of the trees produced is 8-10 cm girth at 1 metre above ground, approx 8-10 ft high, other sizes are available please contact us for sizes and prices


Opening times

8-5pm Monday to Thursday
8-4pm Fridays



Quick links to popular varieties:
ACER (Maple)
BETULA (Birch)
FAGUS (Beech)
MALUS (Flowering Crab)
PRUNUS (Flowering Cherry)
SORBUS (Rowan/whitebeam)
TILIA (Lime)

Pleached Trees

Specialities include Acer - 40 varieties, Betula - 20 varieties, Crataegus -15 varieties, Fagus - 10 varieties, Malus-110 varieties, Prunus - 40 varieties, Sorbus -50 varieties, and Pinus - 30 varieties.

Hedging and Forestry Plants are also stocked including larger beech, hornbeam,thuja and laurel up to 210-240cm high. We have very good quality Buxus and Taxus baccata (yew)

Pleached Carpinus betulus








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Ash die back (Chalara fraxinea)
Unfortunately there is still a restriction on all movement of Ash trees for the foreseeable future.

We are finding that our customers are still tending to plant trees too deeply ,it is important to plant the trees at the depth they were grown on the Nursery. see our Planting guide.






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